Wylie B: The Freaks (Mimmy J Remix)

Genre: DubStep, Length: 05:08, BPM: 178.4

Cosmic Vibration: Stellar Ships

Genre: , Length: 06:35, BPM: Unknown

StephenCaulfield: Rest Your Head On My Shoulder

Genre: Adult Contemporary, Length: 02:48, BPM: 183.3

Crennwiick: Untitry

Genre: Tech House, Length: 08:41, BPM: 62.5

RyIm: Distances

Genre: Chill/Relax Music, Length: 06:00, BPM: 94.0

RED RYDA MUSIK: You Don't Kno (feat. G.malicious)

Genre: Hip Hop Trap, Length: 03:37, BPM: 167.3

Ozzmanic & Tunday: R.S (Rise & Shine)

Genre: Urban, Length: 03:57, BPM: 166.1

GooseBump: Chemistry (Medasen Remix)

Genre: , Length: 02:06, BPM: 128.6

Monster Grooves: Far Beyond Our Own

Genre: Drum And Bass, Length: 04:43, BPM: 64.0

Young HoodStar: Get This Guap (Young HoodStar)

Genre: Hip Hop Trap, Length: 04:00, BPM: 138.1

Sebastian Ingrosso vs. Whelan & Di Scala: Laktos Beach Ball (HouseFien Mashup)

Genre: Progressive House, Length: 07:39, BPM: 126.8

Korpi: No Matter What They Say

Genre: Hip Hop Trap, Length: 02:06, BPM: 190.6

Maentrao: Keep An Eye On The Time

Genre: Progressive House, Length: 03:25, BPM: 122.1

Under The Pope: Absolutely Amazing

Genre: Progressive House, Length: 04:00, BPM: 125.0

No Traffik: Battlegrounds

Genre: Alternative Rock, Length: 03:52, BPM: 167.5

Ben Coda: Orion

Genre: Progressive House, Length: 04:10, BPM: 125.9

Man Flex Sono: River Flows in You (DJ MAN mix)

Genre: Trance, Length: 06:02, BPM: 70.8

Matthew Kramer & DJ Residance: London Calling

Genre: Progressive House, Length: 07:26, BPM: 130.0

Alexy.Nov: Decline Rising

Genre: Chill/Relax Music, Length: 07:06, BPM: 183.6

Mystral: ShockTea (Ujjayi Soundsystem Remix)

Genre: Deep Dubstep, Length: 03:45, BPM: 147.0

B.A.N.G.: I'll See You Again (snippet)

Genre: Electro House, Length: 01:33, BPM: Unknown

RoaD: Bloody Tears

Genre: Rock, Length: 05:28, BPM: 175.6

LUXUS: Trappin everyday 1

Genre: Trap, Length: 59, BPM: Unknown

P.S.Y.C.: The Inner Flame

Genre: Hip Hop Trap, Length: 04:45, BPM: Unknown

KORONA: El Viajero Musical

Genre: Urban, Length: 02:00, BPM: 89.0

The Golden Toyz: Pinky Crazy

Genre: Trap, Length: 03:28, BPM: 199.8

Erofex: Heart and Soul

Genre: Chill/Relax Music, Length: 07:00, BPM: 30.1

Coldplay: V1V@ L@ V1D@ (Marky Style Remix)

Genre: Future Beats/Bass, Length: 03:20, BPM: 171.3

I:CUBE: Grotto (Acitone Edit)

Genre: House, Length: 05:40, BPM: 124.0

Mindwave: Within You (Aesis Alien Remix)

Genre: Psy Progressive, Length: 02:00, BPM: 168.7

Xilerator: Giving It (Without You)

Genre: House, Length: 06:01, BPM: 128.5

Cloudjumper: longing For a Lost Illusion

Genre: Chill/Relax Music, Length: 09:55, BPM: Unknown

Psy-Voyages: Dream A Dream

Genre: Electro House, Length: 07:00, BPM: 68.5

Ladies On Mars: Mud (Preview)

Genre: Tech House, Length: 02:15, BPM: 126.1

Solo Da'Pharaoh: Make It Happen

Genre: Hip Hop Trap, Length: 03:49, BPM: 169.1

Billie Mandoki: I May Be At Faul (AntiGravity Remix)

Genre: Future Garage, Length: 04:07, BPM: 61.9

Dan Nolan: Come Out To Play

Genre: Deep House, Length: 07:08, BPM: 126.3

Al Bundy: Put Her In Designer (feat. Qua Sloan) (prod.DConthetrack)

Genre: Hip Hop Trap, Length: 04:08, BPM: 130.0

Paul Robinson: Creep (Snippet)

Genre: Deep House, Length: 01:49, BPM: 61.5

Drummer turned electronic music producer. After playing drums in punk, rock, and hardcore bands in high school I got turned on to jam bands and played in many a different type of jam bands through college. In 2008 near the end of college I shifted to electronic music and never looked back. I drummed...

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Wylie B: The Freaks (Mimmy J Remix)